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0.00 H/S. All 6 GPU's online

Hi guys.

Just set up HiveOS. All my GPU’s say they’re online from the web console but not getting any hash rate and temps are very low so i don’t think the GPU’s are actually doing anything.

What could this be? Maybe i set the wallet up wrong?

That would be my guess. Did you try to use one of the template wallet’s and just replace with your wallet address?

You can try to ssh into the rig or start Teleconsole and run “miner” to see what is going on. Or check logs in /var/log…

Seems to be a few messages. One of them is “failed to get nonce1 at handshaking” the others seem to just time out.

Got the wallet set to ClaymoreDual using this command


My wallet is set to my NiceHash wallet. I don’t have anything in Second Coin at the moment as i was experimenting by taking it out

Socket was closed remotely (by pool) is what i get

So you’ve entered your wallet address at %EWAL% field at the beggining of the wallet form.

I didn’t have such problems, so I’m just guessing here: delete everything in fields %ZWAL% and %DWAL%; leave empty fields for Second coin and second coin mining intensity; try using Claymore v 11.6 instead of latest; delete everything in dpools.txt field, …

Ok will give it a try. So do I need to enter anything in the epools.txt? Is nicehash the best one to use?

Go to Wallets, scroll down to the end of the page, click on “Nicehash for all” and enter your address. Delete all extras not needed for single mining… Apply that wallet to your rig.

Nicehash or any other - personal preference…

Thanks a lot Givo! I’ll have a look and let you know if i sort it

Ok so the Nicehash for all still didnt work. I changed to Ethereum and it’s working!

And that’s a starting point :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help so far! Now to swat up…