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HiveOS — Hiveon launches an NFT series to support Ukraine

Hiveon launches an NFT series to support Ukraine

Hiveon has developed an NFT series to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians. It's fully transparent, and you can track your donations.

Today, our Ukrainian team is experiencing the full horror of war: hiding from rockets and bombs that hit civilians all over Ukraine, witnessing shootings in residential areas, and experiencing missile attacks non-stop. It’s a war and an unwarranted invasion of Ukraine.

During the first 9 days of the Russian invasion, 38 children were killed, and many more lost their parents. The future of 40 million people and 10.7 million children are now at risk. You can help stop it.

To fight this injustice and to support the Ukrainian people, we have developed an NFT series so you can directly support humanitarian efforts and the armed forces. So you can track your donations on the blockchain.

You can support people in need and suffering in Ukraine by purchasing a work of art by Hiveon. The purchase of 2 NFTs helps to provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with body armor to save their lives.

Buying just one NFT you:

  • Help evacuate families
  • Provide shelter for all refugees with food and psychological help
  • Provide essential medicines people in need

Visit our NFT page and choose the level of help you want to provide - https://opensea.io/Hiveon

All funds will be transferred to the official crypto wallets of the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation. You can check all wallets here: https://twitter.com/FedorovMykhailo/status/1497549813205848068

Final transactions also will be registered and visible in the blockchain registry. Everything is traceable and trackable.

With your help, we hope that the war ends quickly and our children will be alive and safe!

Stand for Ukraine! Stand for Peace! 🕊️🇺🇦