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HiveOS — Hiveon is officially SOC 2 certified: What it means for you

Hiveon is officially SOC 2 certified: What it means for you

What is the SOC 2 audit?

SOC 2, short for Service Organization Control 2, is one of the most recognized and respected compliance standards. Essentially, it’s a comprehensive audit framework that assesses and certifies an organization’s ability to protect client data and ensure the reliability of its services.

Trust Services Criteria

The security policies and practices within SOC 2 revolve around the Trust Services Criteria (TSC) categories. Hiveon’s infrastructure was assessed against security and availability. And by infrastructure, we mean every aspect of the company, not just digital systems. The SOC 2 touches many teams and functions, encompassing controls that impact:

  • Physical infrastructure (where we store data and how we manage access to it)
  • Digital infrastructure (logging and monitoring, information backup, vulnerability management, malware protection, system hardening, network security, etc.)
  • Internal business operations
  • Vendor management and much more


Our team has established an environment that values integrity, proper data handling, prompt risk mitigation, and smart change management. We have all the controls to secure our customers’ data against unauthorized access and breaches.


Hiveon’s systems are proven to be reliable. It means that we provide continuous access to all the functionalities and data to our employees and customers whenever they need it. We also have steady backup processes and a ready-to-use recovery plan just in case of a data loss incident.

Why it matters

Our successful SOC 2 audit affirms that we go above and beyond to protect your information and ensure the overall security of our services. Think of it as a seal of approval for our dedication to handling your data with the utmost care and responsibility.

This accomplishment results from the collective effort of you, hivers, and our entire team. The team is excited about this milestone, and we’re determined to uphold compliance through annual SOC 2 audits. But our commitment to enhancing the security of our products and services surely doesn’t stop here.

Thank you for your trust. More updates are on the way.

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