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HiveOS — T19 and S19 Series Firmware: Maximum Performance, Highest Reliability

T19 and S19 Series Firmware: Maximum Performance, Highest Reliability

Users of the S19 ASIC miner series: S19, S19j, S19 Pro, S19j Pro, and the T19 are constantly searching for the most effective solutions for saving electricity, increasing the hashrate, and, of course, protecting their devices against viruses. The new S19 series and T19 Hiveon ASIC Firmware is the solution! Let's look at what makes the Hiveon firmware stand out.

What's new?

We have implemented various new features to improve your experience working with the firmware to the fullest. It enables you to benefit from the highest performance and virus protection.

Hashrate and energy consumption

Hiveon ASIC Firmware offers an increased level of hashrate and lowers the power consumption compared to the stock data. For example, the stock S19j Pro hashrate is 104 TH/s, while the S19j Pro Hiveon ASIC Firmware, enables users to get up to 138 TH/s. When comparing the power consumption of the same model: the stock firmware consumes 3050 Watt, while the Hiveon one consumes around 2790 only!

Enhanced level of virus protection

Every stock firmware has a well-documented list of software vulnerabilities. A virus infection can occur, and the owners will lose their income. Some viruses infect miners so much that part of the devices' hash power is lost forever. The issue can be resolved only by replacing the entire processor/control board, or you can prevent the situation entirely with the Hiveon ASIC Firmware. The new S19 series: S19, S19j, S19 Pro, S19j Pro, and the T19 Hiveon ASIC firmware ensure advanced levels of protection are provided. Thus, you avoid infection risks and potential time and money expenses on the recovery by protecting your devices. Your ASIC will be protected even if infected devices get introduced into the local network.

User-friendly interface

The interface has become even more transparent for those who have just started using the firmware. We ensure that everyone gets a perfect user experience and enjoys maximum convenience while using the S19 series and the T19 firmware.

Hassle-free Hiveon OS integration

Linking miners to Hiveon OS became even more convenient with the new firmware! Head to the System Settings section of the S19 series and the T19 firmware to find a direct link to Farm Hash with all the needed instructions. Still have some questions? We have added a link to the knowledge base there too!

Small changes make a big difference:

  • Unlike the previous series, running from an SD card does not delete the settings. Pool, Web, Password, and Network data will remain stored even after inserting an SD card.
  • “The tune sensitivity” option has been added, which shows the possible percentage of hashrate deviation, considered normal when the tune is running. If you set 90%, then a 10% deviation from the maximum will be the norm.
  • The "Set preset profile" button has been added to the ASIC web UI, allowing one to set a profile and quickly start mining without spending time on tuning. In this case, mining will not be as efficient as possible, and the state of each chip will not be taken into account; still, this will enable a quick start.
  • Time zone and Temperature unit options have been added to the Miner Configuration block for your convenience.
  • The footer now has a control to turn on the Blink LED indicator, making it incredibly easy to locate a device for users with many ASIC miners.
  • Aside from basic ASIC info/information, we have added a panel of three colors to the footer to display the mining status. Now it's even easier to keep track of your hashrate and temperatures, regardless of which page you're on!
  • Use the Diagnostic log to track whether the ASIC was successfully connected to the system and download the received data in .txt format.
  • The firmware is compatible with xilinx control boards.

Download the S19 series or T19 Hiveon ASIC Firmware for free.

Reach maximum performance with the new Hiveon ASIC Firmware!