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HiveOS — ASIC HUB — a new product from Hiveon OS for ASIC owners

ASIC HUB — a new product from Hiveon OS for ASIC owners

Miners all over the world have long appreciated all the advantages and benefits of using the management and monitoring system Hiveon OS. The constant feedback we have been receiving prompted our team to create a fundamentally new product that can help both professional and novice miners better manage their time and maximize their profits.

Hiveon OS team introduced a revolutionary product called ASIC HUB. It is created to simplify the integration of big farms with Hiveon OS.

What is ASIC HUB

ASIC HUB helps to put together a Hiveon OS system with each of your ASICs. The HUB gathers statistics of each device and sends it to Hiveon OS. Moreover, the HUB applies to ASICs settings of Hiveon OS (such as flight sheets — combinations of different coins, pools, wallets and miners, that boost mining effectiveness).

Advantages of ASIC HUB

  1. Keeping the warranty. ASIC HUB does not influence or interfere with the work of devices’ software. Therefore, the installation of ASIC HUB would not affect their warranty.

  2. More effective mining. By using ASIC HUB together with Hiveon OS, you can manage your equipment faster, easier, and more effectively.

  3. Save time. You need just several minutes to add hundreds or even thousands of devices into Hiveon OS. Right after, you can start working with Hiveon OS.

  4. Easy management. Working with ASIC HUB does not require special technical skills — it’s all very simple.

Maxim Brashchenko, developer of Hiveon ASIC Client:

“I am the developer of the monitoring system built into the Hiveon firmware. This product is absolutely fantastic because it targets the main hurdle for the average user — the need to dive deeply into an ASIC device and into the world of custom firmware (or spend an arm and a leg on hiring highly qualified technicians). ASIC HUB cuts farm start-up times to tens of minutes, allowing owners to focus on more important things.”

Apart from obvious advantages, ASIC HUB is easy to operate, has an intuitive interface that allows you to effortlessly connect and configure the necessary equipment, and quickly start the process. This is ideal for both beginners and experienced miners.

New products and important updates in Hiveon OS first become available to the most loyal customers with whom the team has already built long-term and trusting relationships. Here's what some of them think of the ASIC HUB beta:

Vlad, CTO, Wattum.management:

“We used the beta version of the ASIC HUB, and thanks to it, we were able to combine several thousand ASICs of various brands and models into one management system. ASIC HUB does not require the firmware of the devices themselves, which speeds up the connection process and eliminates all the problems of custom firmware."

Kim, Maintenance Specialist, Adaptic:

Thanks to the ASIC HUB, we were able to add our Whatsminers to Hiveon OS. Without it, we would have to wonder if the ASICs were connected or not. But with ASIC HUB everything was simple - we added our Whatsminer and they appeared in Hiveon OS. All we had to do was add an IP and voila, it worked.”

The ASIC HUB is already available to users, so you can already start using its functions and manage your ASIC farm more efficiently. And if you have any questions, you can always count on 24/7 support.

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