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ASIC Firmware

Boost hashrate. Reduce power consumption.

  • Hive OS for free
  • Up to 30% less power draw
  • Up to +37% increased hashrate

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Why choose Hiveon ASIC Firmware?

Increase the hashrate up to 37% (depending on the miner model) and increase profitability.
Reduce the electricity consumption compared to stock firmware through chip tuning and selecting optimal voltage for the chips without decreasing hashrate.
Protect your devices in advance to avoid infection risks and potential time and money expenses for recovering from viruses. Your miner will be protected even if infected devices appear in the local network.
Monitor your ASIC miners from anywhere, check hashrate, chip errors, power consumption, remote troubleshooting, perform batch updates across your entire farm, and constantly be up-to-date with our smart notifications, responding quickly and avoiding downtime. Hive OS is free for firmware users!
There is a special offer for mining hotels and system administrators: we can incorporate your individual fee into the firmware. Please contact us if you are interested!
When this mode is enabled, the miner stops checking its fans, allowing the owner to detach them and put the device in an immersion bath.
If you have dozens or hundreds of devices, use the ASIC Locate option: the LED of the desired device will start blinking when you press a button on the control panel.
  • Save energy when the internet connection drops with the Suspend/Resume mining function (it can also be done deliberately).
  • Maximize profitability by optimizing chip parameters: maintain the highest hashrate while keeping power consumption and temperature as low as possible. The optimization is automatic. Manual fine-tuning is available, too.
  • Carry out bulk actions with ASIC miners: set up pools, overclock profiles, update the firmware, and do reboots. Reduce maintenance and monitoring time!
  • Set up the critical temperature threshold and/or the desired fan speed. When your miner exceeds these values, the overclocking profile will be automatically lowered, protecting the device from damage and helping to avoid downtime.
  • Choose an overclock profile that suits your equipment's temperature conditions/consumption.
  • Track consumption, temperature, hashrate, errors, and events with charts on key metrics and reduce maintenance and monitoring time.
  • The firmware prolongs the life of your chips by preheating them at launch so that there are no sharp rises in temperature.

Get Hive OS for free with our firmware

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  2. 2 Install it on your ASIC
  3. 3 Enjoy the benefits of Hive OS for free

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