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How to mine EXCC with Hiveon OS

Mining EXCC with Hiveon OS is very easy and it can be done with only a few clicks.

Step 1. Log in to your farm. The first thing you need to do is adding a new Wallet: excc image

Please mind that you will have to create ExchangeCoin coin as there is no EXCC built in Hiveon OS (yet). Just start typing ExchangeCoin in the Coin field and the system will let you save a new coin. The address is your EXCC address where you want your mined coins to be sent. We strongly recommend using Exilibrium software for this purpose.

Step 2. Once you've created a Wallet and new coin, the next step is to create a new Flight Sheet. Click on the Flight Sheets from Hiveon OS menu and fill it as on the below example:

  • Coin - pick ExchangeCoin (if it's not there it means you didn't create it properly during the Step 1)
  • Wallet - pick the Wallet you've just created recently
  • Pool - pick Configure In Miner
  • Miner - select lolMiner and click Setup Miner Config
excc image

Step 3. Now you will see lolMiner configuration window, just fill it as on the below example:

  • Wallet and worker template - %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%
  • Coin - EXCC
  • Pool server:
  • Port: 3052
  • Pass: x
  • Extra config arguments: You can leave it blank but going with lolMiner's author recommendation you could use: --devices AUTO
  • Version: The latest
excc image

Step 4. Once you are done, just go back to your Workers list, check your workers, click Rocket icon from the top and choose your freshly made Flight Sheet.

excc image

Happy mining!