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Xmr-stak CPU Miner "pool_weight"

which setting I can change the “pool_weight” for each pool,

Pool weight is an integer number greater than 0. It tells the miner to use the pool with highest weight - if possible. If there are two or more pools with the same weight - internal pool id is the tie-breaker (

I know this, I use it in windows, here in hive how can I use or configure it I have 4 pools registered and all are with weight 1

Did you try adding that config parameter right after defining the pool - in the same line?

Never really used pool weight, so can’t tell you for certain.

Yes I tried, did not work, the configuration parameter was identified as a pool.

another thread with same question for standard XMR-Stak (GPU+CPU), asked @HaloGenius to assist.