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Why did my hive dashboard stop showing hashrate and temp graphs

Hi, I have a small rig with two RX6600s that are inserted directly into the motherboard PCIE slots. Everything was working totally fine until today.
Today I added a GPU riser with one more RX6600, first the gpu showed up as unknown RX6000 series gpu, after rebooting the rig a few times it showed up with all the correct info and started mining, but I noticed a few weird things.

  1. For the card on the riser, the mini temp graphs don’t show up.
  2. For all the cards the hashrate and temp graphs stopped to update.
  3. The PCIE slot of the riser card is labled as 0a:00.0.
  4. The graphs that are still visible from before I added the card take very long to load in
    the browser.

If you have encountered this issue I would really appreciate if you could help me out.

i think your getting the same as the rest of us mate its not just you. Apparently mining is unaffected

i did notice this also yesterday my stats was not showing exact status on ethash . how it will fix soon

Здравствуйте, у меня такая же проблема, у меня нет графика, показывающего статистику!