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Vega 56 and Vega 64 guide

hmm im not sure same card, same bios # and same settings. Are you using TeamRedminer in Bmode?

No i am using phoenixminer, because TeamRedminer will not start working with the R9 390…
that could be the problem…

how to use Bmode?

thats the issue. you can load 2 different miners just use them with specific cards. phoenix with r9 and TR wih vegas

what that is possible? cool! but how can i do that?

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yes with the teamredminer i have 56 Mhash!
but i am too stupid to add the R9 card with the phinixminer…
Unbenannt333|690x154 !

all is working! thank you all very much !!!



if it works for the next day, put the info how you did it, some will wonder how :slight_smile:

I can now use two miner on one rig
the Teamredminer starts to count with 0,1,2,3,… GPUs
and phoenixminer starts to count with 1,2,3,4 …
that´s it.

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in user config for teamredminer you can also enable mode B with --eth_config=B
that should save a bit of power. try it out

Of course it’s not true

Nice! that’s a different way to get there for those cards. I cant even start get the ASUS to mine with your settings.

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I know, this is my second Asus :slight_smile:

I’m just telling that manufacturer doesn’t make the difference, just Hynix production doesn’t have good quality standards.

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I cannot get any of those straps working on my vegas. I have 2 stock vega 64 and one 56 flashed to 64. If i use TRM, miner wont start. If i use phoenixminer, vegas wont start mining. i’ve tried many different straps. I am currently using 3 vegas without straps and so im loosin about 24mhs.

paste your config

on your flight sheet, input,

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what is the use for eth_config=b

supposely it should reduce power consumption, with some cards anyways… like VEGA, havent noticed any big difference.,might be its dependent card specs and oc… give u more shares or something like that… there is other config for max eth hash… dont remember them now… eth max?? o wise ones, educate us :pray: