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System Changelog and News

This thread will be continuously updated with short descriptions about eventual changes and newly added features to the system.

Тут мы публикуем все изменения и новый функционал системы с небольшим описанием.


:uk: :man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE 06 May 2019 :man_astronaut:

Force Algo Switch added to the Overclocking Panel

Added the option to disable overclock switching based on the algorithm.
Added the ability to apply overclock settings from the list.

New items added to the Worker Overview Page.

Functionality enhancement by adding new elements such as logic filters, workers pending update filter and pages to the worker list.

Added AND / OR / NOT logic filtering for workers

Set up smarter filters with the help of operands such as AND / OR / NOT.

Added a filter for workers pending update

With this filter, users can select workers that can be updated to the latest version of the client.

Added paging to workers list

Users with a large number of workers are now able to view their worker list through a paging system. The number of workers per page can be set from 25 to 5000.

Added new Worker options header to the control panel.

Next to disabling the GUI on boot, both Maintenance mode and Push interval options were added.
Push interval allows you to change the time interval between sending statistics to the server. It changes the responsiveness of the server and traffic generated by the rig. This option may be of interest to users with a prepaid volume of Internet traffic.
Maintenance mode - this mode is designed for worker maintenance. Enabling this will disable miner launching, applying OCs, etc. This mode is exceptionally handy for flashing Nvidia cards, for example.

New miner: miniZ

Added miniZ miner. miniZ is a fast and friendly Equihash 144/5, 150/5, 192/7, 96/5 CUDA miner.

Tags order control

Enhanced tags by adding order control.

New balance refill method

Added a quicker and easier payment method. You generate an address in preferred crypto and send your crypto directly to this address when you need to fill your balance.

Nvidia flash VBIOS tool

Added the ability to flash Nvidia cards from the Hive OS Linux client.
Please make sure that the BIOS version corresponds to your video card model, whether this operation is actually beneficial for your card(s) and, it goes without saying, that you know exactly what you’re doing.
You could, otherwise, potentially “brick” your card, with a possible warranty void making recovery only being possible at a certified service center or only with special equipment.
The Hive OS team isn’t responsible for any potentially negative results of this operation (equipment failure, degradation, etc.)

List of Popular Overclocks

We’re sure some of you might remember this functionality back in the good ol’ Hive 1.0 days, right? Well, without further ado, we (re)present it back to Hive 2.0 in a new, revised and most of all, sexy form.
Here, you’ll find popular OC settings amongst users, for numerous algos and cards.

New GPU managing tool - GPU Hub

This is our new ultimate feature; GPU Hub.
By using this feature you can create your own repository of VBIOS at Hive cloud, use mass flashing for whole rigs or farms and much more.


Web interface OC hotfix

A web interface hotfix has been released that fixes errors with overclocking settings.
Added overclocking editing button for the entire rig (former behavior).

Overclocking buttons opposite the card change only the individual settings of that card.

:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE 25 May 2019 :man_astronaut:

RXboost feature added

The new REF, Refresh Rate field was added to the AMD OC settings tab. This parameter allows you to apply the so-called rxboost tweak. Read more here

The default value is applied when the Refresh Rate field is left blank.
To apply the same value to all cards, enter it once. To apply different REF values to multiple cards, separate each entered value by a space.

New startup option for ASIC

Sets initial voltage and core frequency for reducing power usage on tuning start.

Detailed activity log for “config applied” event

More details added in rig activity, users are now able to see what changed, be it OC or Flight Sheet.

Improved paging support

Added the function to switch to a specific page
Optimized page navigation with filters and sorting. Fixed search for workers on farms.

:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE June 04, 2019 :man_astronaut:

Added Discord bot

Under your account settings in section Notifications, you can find a new channel - Discord
So now you can use an alternative notification channel. Follow the instructions to setup Discord bot.

Updated Schedules

Not so long ago, “Schedules” feature was added for testing. Obvious errors were fixed and functionality was expanded.
You can create your own plan to mine what and when.
A detailed scheduler guide will be shared soon.

Added Error filters to worker list

New error filters were added
New error filters are; overheated, overloaded

and more - low accepted share ratio, missing GPUs/boards, zero hash rate, without flight sheets

Other minor fixes

  • Updated translations (ru,eng)

:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE June 09, 2019 :man_astronaut:

Sushi miner support

With this update we added support for Sushi miner from Sushipool.
Sushi miner has two instances - for CUDA and for OpenCL platforms designed for mining Nimiq

Watchdog by LA and GPU lost detection

New triggers have been added to the Hive software watchdog.
by LA (stands for “load averages”) and GPU lost detection.

LA, under normal conditions, should not exceed the number of processor cores * 2.
Very high LA in many cases may indicate the presence on the rig of hardware problems, driver fail, etc. So our users now can set this trigger to reboot rig by setting value in Reboot if LA >=.
Also as additional trigger you can use Reboot if GPU is offline which reboot rig if GPU driver stop responding.

Delay on miner start

As there may potentially be high levels of system load during the OS boot on some systems, adding the miner start to the mix, may cause the system to “hang”. With this addition to the worker options, a delay can be set before the miner start triggers, helping reduce the likelihood of such hangs.

Minor bug fixes

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:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE June 24, 2019 :man_astronaut:

Major changes in this update

  • Power consumption statistics
  • Active schedule indication
  • Added “Go to … page” to workers and cards list
  • GPU Hub improvement

Power consumption statistics

Now you can see your power consumption cost on HiveOS dashboard
Also there is the new graph of power consumption at “Stats” menu.

And of course to proper cost of power consumption you need enter price for electricity, enter some compensation for other hardware or power efficiency of PSU.

Compensation for other hardware or power efficiency of PSU can be entered as for farm (in Farm settings) and as for worker individually (in Worker settings)

Active schedule indication

To worker’s page if there is exists active schedule added indication of schedule.

Added “Go to … page” to worker and cards list

To worker list and cards list (GPU Hub) added ability “Go to … page” to quickly jump to the desired page

GPU Hub improvement

Downloadable BIOS from the video card can be immediately added to the storage

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:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE July 20, 2019 :man_astronaut:

Major changes in this update:

  • New miner - NoncerPro OpenCL / CUDA
  • Improved Schedules
  • Changed the “Disable GUI on boot” switch
  • Optimized GPU Hub for big farms
  • New option in the “Add Wallet” form
  • Various bug fixes

New miner - NoncerPro OpenCL / CUDA

We’ve added yet another miner for mining NIM (Nimiq coin) for both CUDA and OpenCL platforms - NoncerPro CUDA/OpenCL.

Improved Schedules

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved the “Schedules” functionality, by adding such functions as the use of custom overclocking and the execution of a specific command.

Changed the “Disable GUI on boot” switch

Due to some prior confusion, we have added small visual changes in the “Disable GUI on boot” option.
The default state (GUI enabled) now looks like this:

When the GUI is disabled, which only makes sense on AMD platform, it now looks like this:

Optimized GPU Hub for big farms

The GPU Hub function process on very large farms and, with a large number of GPUs respectively, was accompanied by a long page load.
We have optimized the code server-side, implemented pagination and other small tweaks, which have affected the process in a positive manner.

New option in the “Add Wallet” form

We’ve added the option to add a wallet as a global wallet in the “Add Wallet” form.

Various bug fixes

  • fixed date selector for invoice generation in billing
  • fixed Hash algorithm for custom miner
  • fixed no scrolling for the top menu’s pop-up windows on small displays
  • fixed OC merge
  • other small bug fixes

:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE July 25, 2019 :man_astronaut:

Major changes in this update:

  • Changed behavior when changing pool in the flight sheet
  • Fixed text when farm removed
  • Added hint for Antminer S17/S17pro/T17

Changed behavior when changing pool in the flight sheet

When editing flight sheet while changing the chosen miner pool is no longer reset.
A switch has also been added, allowing the user to choose whether to overwrite the miner’s settings when changing pools with template values or to keep the current ones.

Fixed text when farm removed

When deleting a farm, the text is changed to a more understandable one.

Added hint for Antminer S17/S17pro/T17

Added a hint for changing modes for Antminer S17 / S17pro / T17:
Low Power:
“bitmain-work-mode”: “0”
“bitmain-work-mode”: “1”
“bitmain-work-mode”: “2”

:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE August 5, 2019 :man_astronaut:

Major changes in this update:

  • New miner support - TT-Miner
  • Improved refill deposit form
  • Added button “Copy” for URL of direct Hive Shell to clipboard

New miner support - TT-Miner

We added support new miner for Nvidia cards - TT-Miner.
This is multialgo miner which supported algorithms:

  • PROGPOWZ (Zano)
  • PROGPOW092 (HORA, Hydnora, Sero & Abassian)
  • TETHASHV1 (TEO - TrustETH reOrigin)
  • ETHASH (Ethash (ETH, ETC, Music, Callisto, etc)
  • MTP (Zcoin)
  • MYRGR / Myriad-Groestl (Myriad, DigiByte, Verge, etc)
  • LYRA2REV3 (Vertcoin)

Improved refill deposit form

Added button “Copy” for URL of direct Hive Shell to clipboard

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:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE August 12, 2019 :man_astronaut:

Major changes in this update:

  • threshold monitoring
  • switching the farm list view
  • account deletion
  • mass launching Hive Shell / Teleconsole commands
  • worker consumption monitoring
  • other small fixes and improvements

Threshold monitoring

Threshold limit settings have been reworked.

More detailed options have been added:

Switching the farm list view

A new compact view has been added for farms.

Account deletion

Users who decide to stop mining and would like to remain anonymous, are now able to delete their accounts and with it, all associated data from our systems. Do note that this is irreversible and naturally, requires additional confirmation.

Mass launching Hive Shell / Teleconsole commands

Ability to launch Hive Shell /Teleconsole commands have been added to the worker view.

Worker consumption monitoring

Worker’s power consumption statistics now contain more detailed information.

Other small fixes and improvements

  • Updates to Russian/Ukranian translations
  • small fixes

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE August 19, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • autotags
  • Multi algo wallets for multipools
  • overall farms statistics
  • marking errors in ASICs
  • new merge overclock algorithm
  • display of workers without flight sheets
  • display autofan enabled workers
  • new notifications to messengers
  • other small fixes and improvements


We present a new feature - Autotags. How does it works?
When you create a farm, you can enable the Autotags feature and when doing so, all workers inside a farm will be tagged automatically. Rigs are tagged by GPU information and ASICs by model name.

You can also find this option in farm settings

or in worker settiings

Multi algo wallets for multipools

Another long-awaited feature is a general wallet for multipools such as Nicehash, Zpool, Zergpool, MPH and others where the same address is used for different algorithms (usually BTC).
For example, Nicehash. If you mine on Nicehash, you have one BTC wallet, but depending on the profit shift, you’ll be switching between different nicehash pools. Before this update, you had to create a wallet for each Nicehash supported algorithm you mine on. Now, this is no longer needed.

Overall farms statistics

Added overall statistics for all farms

Marking errors in ASICs

Marking errors in ASICs such as low disk space, errors in fans, etc.

New merge overclock algorithm

Overclock merging uses more intelligent algorithm depending on card type in a rig.

Display of workers without flight sheets

Workers without flight sheets in workers list now have a special mark.

Display autofan enabled workers

Workers where autofan is enabled, are showed in workers list.

New notifications to messengers

Added new notifications to messengers (Telegram, Discord) about excess “red” values, LA, number of shares, fans.

Other small fixes and improvements

As usual, small fixes and improvements applied, new coin icons added

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE September 02, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • added indicator and filter for “maintenance mode”
  • if more than four tags are assigned to one worker, then name is shortened
  • confirmation is required to apply the update

Indicator and filter for “maintenance mode”

Added special indicator for worker which switched to “maintenance mode”

Also added filter to worker list to find workers which switched to “maintenance mode”.

Tags shortened

If more than four tags are assigned to one worker, then name is shortened

Confirmation is required to apply the update

To prevent accidental pressing and as result applying update added confirmation to apply the update

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE October 16, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • interactive ASIC settings
  • search worker by IP address
  • adaptation to Nicehash v2 API
  • ability to select a version to downgrade or update

Interactive ASIC settings

We made ASIC miner settings more interactive

Search worker by IP address

Now you can search worker by IP address

Adaptation to Nicehash v2 API

Nicehash switched to API v2, and now we reworked Hive connector use with it

Ability to select a version to downgrade or update

Added some user friendly interface options which helps downgrade or upgrade Hive OS

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE November 23, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • Gminer dual mode
  • Maintenance mode w/o drivers

Gminer dual mode

Starting with v1.75, Gminer began supporting dual mode (currently ethash as primary algorithm and eaglesong as secondary). We have added this feature to the interface.
Setup your Flight Sheet. Select coins, wallets and pools for main and dual coin.

Check miner settings, set dual balance (dual intensity)

Start miner and check results.

Catch your profit!

Maintenance mode w/o drivers

Maintenance mode has been extended with a new mode - maintenance mode without loading drivers.
This mode may be needed for very difficult situations with video cards, for example, unbricking after an unsuccessful BIOS flashing.

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE November 28, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • NoncerPro Kadena Miner
  • Sorting farms by tags

NoncerPro Kadena Miner

We’ve added a new GPU miner for mining KDA / Kadena - NoncerPro Kadena GPU Miner.
Since v1.3.1, the miner supports both platforms - OpenCL and CUDA and this is the initial version in HiveOS.

Flight Sheet settings:

Miner settings for CUDA

Miner settings for OpenCL

Mining process on Nvidia cards

… and on AMD cards too

Sorting farms by tags

We’ve added sorting by tags for farms. It’s a small improvement for big bosses )

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:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE December 21, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • NhEqMiner VerusHash
  • Improved hashrate watchdog
  • Schedules: hourly recurrence

NhEqMiner VerusHash

We’ve added a new CPU miner to mine VRSC / Verus coin - NhEqMiner VerusHash
Example Miner settings:

Miner in action:

Improved hashrate watchdog

We’ve added new functionality to hashrate watchdog. You can now choose between hashrate reported by miner or specific algo.
Hashrate watchdog by miner was implemented a long time ago.

Using switch “Watchdog mode” you can switch between modes - “Miners” or “Algos”

Since most mining software support multiple algorithms, hashrate watchdog by miner was not universal.
To rectify this, we’ve added hashrate watchdog based on specific algorithm to improve hashrate watchdog

Choose algorithm and put estimated hashrate for this worker for the algorithm in question

Schedules: Hourly recurrence

We’ve added new unit of recurrence for Schedules - Hourly.

So now you can plan your action every N hour(s)

:christmas_tree: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE January 10, 2020 :christmas_tree:

Major changes in this update:

  • 2FA on account creating
  • Notifications about 2FA to improve user security
  • GrinGoldMiner can use forks

2FA on account creating

Notifications about 2FA to improve user security

Notification area

Billing Improvements & Fixes :moneybag:

:gift: Improvements

Added payouts statistics from Hiveon pool for Hive OS usage.

The countdown “5 days before farm locks” now starts from $1 debt.

To avoid annoying outages, we made it possible to activate the countdown to blocking the farm only if the debt exceeds $1

CPU-only rigs only $0,3/mo per rig

With RandomX, VerusHash, YesPower and some other algorithms now CPU- mining back!
Some guys bought a lot of used servers from HP, Dell, IBM and so on with Xeon, Opteron, etc on board
We provide our system for CPU mining on such devices at a very attractive price.
We’re ready to present our special tariff for CPU-only rigs for only $0.30/mo per rig
CPU rig - it’s PC without modern GPU’s for mining. Standard conditions applicable: up to 4 for free and starting from 5th rig $0.30/mo per each rig

:pill: Billing Fixes

All charges that were made on free rigs while switching to Hiveon pool will be reverted until January 25th.

Those charges that you keep in the web interface at present, until 01/25/20 will be deducted provided that your rigs satisfy the conditions for free (mining Ethereum on our Hiveon pool or mining other coins anywhere).

If your rigs satisfy the conditions for free, then you should not worry and repay these charges yourself - they will be canceled.

All incorrect charges will be refunded and marked in your account.