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[SOLVED] Installation difficulties with 12 AMD GPU on Biostar TB250-BTC PRO

Looks like a new image was just posted, in hopes of fixing the bugs I just described… 0.5-73

0.5-73 - Hotfixes, missing symlinks, libraries, dependencies, Ubuntu 18.04 compats, etc

Nope, no luck with 0.5-73 either. Rigs go into an infinite reboot loop after the interface is loaded…

@HaloGenius - are you able to help?

[SOLVED] Here’s how:

I found out the hard way… that running 12x MSI RX 580 GPUs was drawing too much power from the power supplies. The reason why the rigs would go into boot loops, is because the total power drawn from the power supplies was greater than was immediately available. I had spec’d the power supplies to provide enough juice to the GPUs, but with not too much overhead.

  • The solution was, to immediately go to the Overclocking tab of each new rig as it booted, and change the Core State Index value to:

  • “1”.

This would allow each rig to run without crashing and/or endlessly boot looping.

A value of “1” instructs the GPUs to reduce power in idle cores, while a value of “7” would increase power consumption drastically on all cores (5 is the default value).

So, in order to be able to work and configure each 12 GPU rig, I had to start each rig with as little power consumption as possible.

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Great that you got it up and running.
Try aggressive undervolting too

Advice on RX 570 and RX 580 overclocking would be greatly appreciated. I have just over 450 GPUs at this facility that I’m launching - mix of MSI 570/580.

Check this topic then

I’d like to eventually get into BIOS modding, but right now I’m pressed for time and have a deadline to finish building everything. So for now, I’m just looking for safe and effective OC values (Core, Voltage, Mem, etc.)

Any recommendations? I found these GREAT values for the RX 580 (working like a charm at 30 MH/s even without BIOS modding):


But I didn’t see anything like that for the RX 570.

How long you have mined with this setting? Any invalid shares?

With the OC for the RX 580 rigs - 2.5 hours. Zero invalid shares.

I’m noticing that the hashrate fluctuates +/-10 MH/s on some of the cards though.


Claymore. Seems to be more stable with AMD.

Yep , and takes less power.
You know you can update bios with hiveos too

Yes, I’m aware. That’s actually really awesome. Makes this platform really stand out. However, I need to find the time to figure out VBIOS modding. Never done it before.

Been building Nvidia rigs for 1.5 years prior to this, mostly on EthOS and Windows 10 with Afterburner.

polaris bios editor 1.6.7
when bios open with that, click button on right bottom and you done.
try with one card first

Ok thanks! I appreciate your help. Saved my ass from getting in trouble. :smiley:

Glad that I could help. What’s the benefits of knowing if you can not share it :slight_smile:

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Hi there AlphaElectro
just created a profile to comment here!
I’ve got my problem with new rigs that i made
all graphic cards XFX RX580 8GB, ASUS B250 Mining Expert, Core i3 6th Generation and SSD
So when i Start it with 13 GPUs everything looks fine
but when i add the 14th GPU I’ll get a black screen monitor
i did find a way to boot but it always shows that 2 GPUs are on error form and won’t get recognized
i just want to know if there’s a limitation here for AMD Graphic Cards or what
i’ve got 10 Rigs that i have to fill them with 15 GPUs and i’m stocked on 13th GPU
It will be nice if u reply me as soon as possible cause i’ve to make them ready for tomorrow
waitin for your response

I would advise you Google “Hive OS 13 GPU rig”. And - I’m quoting one of the admin’s (HaloGenius) here from 2018 which might help you:

You have 2 options:

Disable internal GFX, start with 7 (or less) cards and after rig boots and you can see it on web interface then go to Rig panel, click on “tuning” and set disable X server. Turn Off rig and add rest cards
— OR —
Enable iGFX, set it as primary Video and turn monitor on it

First option for ordinary gaming cards, second - for mining edition without video output.
But both are workable variants - it’s only scenarios.

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Thanks a lot my friend
I’ll check if it works and update my situation here
one more question:
Do you think that changing Core State Index Value changing can help me here?
And if it can help where and how can i do this?
Is it on BIOS Setup or what?

I checked up the tuning page and there was like no “Disable X Server”
Also there wasn’t the TeamRed Miner (the miner tool that i want to choose)
I guess there wouldn’t be any help for me there
Do you think the problem is from my PSU?
I am using a 650w PSU and a 2450w HP Server Power
i am giving the power supply for my GPUs using HP Power Supply
also 10 Risers are getting power from my HP PSU and the other are using SATA Power Cable Using the 650w PSU!