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RX 580 Gigabyte Gaming Samsung memory

Thank you bro that’s very kind of you.

I wanted to test your bios cuz when I changed the memory staps in my bios using polarisBiosEditor the card can not start mining because it can not get enought power but with the stock bios it is mining and i’m getting 28mh

Thank you Amackata!

Yes, mi Gigabites have that memory. Could I use that same Bio for the Asrocks too??
I’ll take any advice on settings, I’ve started mining 1 month ago and I still have much to learn.

MEM samsung|690x271

Is there any chance you may have Bios for any other of my cards?

And by the way, I read somo comments of yours in spanish, where are you from? It would be easyer for me to comunicate in spanish since I’m from Argentina.

Thanks again for the Bios!!!

hey man i now using your setting, this mod is that okay with my cards?
thank you

Hi and thanks to all for the comments,
MoneyPrintingGroup: What you mean "in my bios…not get enought power?
Juanchimus: Tengo solo placas 580 y alguna que otra Nvidia.
Dangerover: It’s safe if you constantly monitor your workers and play with the recommended values.

Winter is coming… :slight_smile:

thanks for answer, is it the ram model,important, or the brand of the card to install the mod ROM?

I mean the ram. Because when you modify BIOS to optimize memory timings, you are doing it for one type of memory. In my case I do it for my RX580.

For example, for ADM Radeon RX 5700 / Radeon RX 5700 XT GPUs modding BIOS whith RBE software

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hey again sir, My ram model is the same as yours, will it work if I upload the file you shared with hiveos?

Yeah Sir. Works fine in Hiveos !!! Remember to make a backup of your original BIOS.


I have msi rx570 8gb with Samsung memory, is it possible to bring down my watt consumption even more?

Hi ojeremyo,
Yes. You can lower volts … I have one rx580 on 800/800 because sometimes not all GPUs are the same … Silicon Lotery? I do not know why…
Use wattmeter to check consumption, do not believe what you see on the screen

Say only for Navy cards but works for me (get low watts and low temp in summer)


Thanks! will try to lower more and see if its stable.

Oh and one last thing, what is the difference with memory controller voltage vs memory voltage?

sincerely, I don’t know … sorry … but maybe someone from the forum can help us understand a little more…

I found this, maybe helps Memory clock vs memory controller |

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No problem, thank you so much for your help!

Hi amackata,
Thanks for the info, I’m a newbie. I wanted to try the bios mod but sharing has expired. Can you post it again?

Hi Littlefly,
Yeap not problem. Now you can download it permanently from
If you can’t tell me and I fixed.
Happy Mining !