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Rig freezing and showing this error

Can anyone tell me what any of this means ? Rig keeps crashing or giving me this after 5 minutes of running. 5700xt.

It’ll run for a minute or two after boot then go down to 0mh/s then freeze or show these messages.

Running no OC settings.

You should use Teamredminer, it will give you an approximately 15% increase in hash rate. Also downgrade your hiveos version to 0.6-203. I’m mining 2 rigs with 16x 5700xt, and I flashed all of them with a 5700 (non xt) bios following this guide: Rx 5700 xt - 58.4MH/s 95w
My OC settings are as follows:
Samsung memory: 1350 core, 750 VDD, 750 VDDCI, 900 MEM
Micron memory: 1350 core, 750 VDD, 750 VDDCI, 950 MEM
Decrease MEM by 10 if you’re getting too many invalid shares. I average around 55-56 MH/s with this setup.

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