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Nvidia GTX 1660 6GB Performance

Same here, I tried your settings and it was perfect, now it’s stable

GeForce GTX 1660 non-Super
memory Samsung GDDR5

the difference between Samsung, Micron and Hynix is key

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yes , i have a 1660 non super non ti , the 1660 only , with samsung mining 24.18 and with hinyx mining 27.56 .


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what config for hinyx mining to 1660 non super non ti?

This is my setting: It’s a Zotac 1660 non super non Ti

for Hynix memory you should try this:

it seems that mem clock should always be -1004

What miner and driver are you using? I have a Galax 1660 non super non TI with hynix* gddr5 and I can’t get more than 22.57 mhs on T-REX with N460.67 drivers.

*I think its a hynix mem, it appeared one time “Hynix GDDR5” and now it only appears “GDDR5”

another strange thing is that it shows 5942MB not 5944MB.

These are my settings for my rig, I can get 27mhs on the 1660 for any memory that is not Samsung, for Samsung memory I can only get 24mhs

Also all cards are Colorful GTX 1660 except for 2 cards which are Zotac


Here is my setup. Hope it helps. I can easy hit 120m/hs on a good day but nothing less than 94M/Hs the rest of the time, stats are down right now or i’d show you the averages.

@panx hey bro we have same gpu any chance you got to increase your hashrate?

Thank you! I went from 26mh and 75w with my settings to 27.4mh and 70w! Thats ace thank you

I dont now what hapend with my 1660 ?
It dosent work and it is righted thet is :
TU116 [GeForce GTX 1660] · Gigabyte

I can do 25.1 but i will have invalid shares or errors

Here are my settings
I have 2 X 2060, 2 X 1660 and 1 X 1650
All are on ETH hash except for the 1650 which is on ETC

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Is that the highest of your 1660 samsung mem? Does it have invalid shares?

The photo shows all of the memory for each card. The 1660 with 27MH is Micron memory. And this rig has been running for 3 days and had 0 invalid or stale shares.

I copied your oc on your msi gtx 1660 i did have errors i lessen the memory by 50 and testing the waters if i will get again an error also may i ask what is your power limit ?

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Hello, i have Gigabit OC edition of 1660, tried with several OC, ended with invalid shares or crash. the current oc setting looks pretty good since not rejected / crash. But i have problem that not showing the Power/temp/watts usages… Any guidance would be appreciated.

my hiveos view &
FYI : I hav Samsung Mem.

What miner and driver are you using?