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Need help with 2060 super

Hi, I am new to mining and am a total noob at this! Just yesterday i my Gigabyte 2060 super would go above 70 degrees Celsius in temps despite already limiting the power to 125w! Anyone know what could be the cause of this issue and how I could tune my setup to get a stable performance as well? My ambient temp is ard 27 degrees celcius.

Here are my OC settings! Pls help!

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The plate must be receiving hot air from another plate on the side.

use memory clock: 1400 and core clock: 0 or ± 100

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This may sound weird but for some reason, i tried increasing my core to ard 700 - 800 with mem at 800 and somehow it managed to lower my temps to 62 degrees celcius! Any idea how increasing the core contributed to lowering the temps???

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Put your memory in 1400 and wait to W down

I have 49°c whit 1400 memory clock; fans 70%; 104 w

And 40.50 mh/s

Will give it a try, thank u!

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See if it works for you, I’m going to 41.25 stable

Check this settings.


Mc 1050
Mm 2200
PL 125
Fan 75

From my experience Gigabate 2x Fan cards have crap cooling system, i have rig with 2060s from various manufacturers, Palit, zotac, MSI, Gigabyte, PNY, all 2 fan versions, and all manufacturers stay 7-10 degree cooler then gigabyte with similar OC settings. I try to avoid 2x fan gigabyte cards especially 2060s and 2070, look for 3x fan ones they stay way cooler. In 30 series they are bit better but still i have 2 x fan Gigayte, gainward, and Palit 3060ti cards and Gigabyte is hotests :frowning: