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HiveOS web panel missing functions / does not work properly, "Something went wrong"

All of my rigs are missing all of the adjustment options like power, upgrade, OC settings, Flight sheets, VBIOS, etc.
One of my rigs returns “Something went wrong” error like here
Another rig will not display it’s edit page at all.

Started about an hour ago. (17:30 UTC)

Farm displays OK, but cannot change anything on rigs.
One will not even display when selected.
Everything was working fine yesterday and today until about an hour ago. (17:30 UTC)

@HaloGenius - You always seem to have the best answers when I am searching the forum for help.
sorry to tag you if this is not your responsibility.

this is a very good descpription of the issue in russian:

Browser cache issue but it’s can be solved
1st method
Try press Ctrl+F5 several times (3-4 will be enough) on Hive web panel
If the method above not helps then try
2nd method
Google Chrome (for FireFox similar) press F12 - browser console will appear / tab “Network” / check “Disable cache”
Press Ctrl+F5 on Hive web panel must load properly
uncheck “Disable cache” / press F12 to hide browser console

You are the BEST!!

For Safari users:

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