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Hello Forum,
i’ve 3 different miner, linked with 3 different Internet Provider, in 3 different city.
2 of them mine on ethermine and 1 of them mine on Hiveon pool.

all of them have the same hole into the reporting … same time!

may u help me to understand?

thank you

These are merely API hiccups, either caused locally or wide(actual stat server issues), and generally have absolutely no effect on your mining operations. It just means the agent wasn’t able to communicate with the server for these stats at these given times. You can quite easily confirm this by checking pool-side stats and cross-checking the times when these hiccups occur, or, if you have logs enabled, your local logs even.

There is no impact on your rigs. Mine look exactly the same as yours and they are in 3 different locations.

by ethermine side, its correct, i do not see this hole in connectivities…
but… i’m scared to lost some share on hiveon…

this fear is generated by the fact that with my rigs with 3090 my share on hivepool are 350% less than the share on ethermine… as discussed here After London (EIP-1559) - share comparison and other problem

and the answer… didn’t convince me…

Don’t fully agree or may be add suspicion on something not fully working

Watch carrefully jobs received at holes, they are much less numerous

In global stats it’s invisible, and I know the impact