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GPU Driver Error, No Temp

Just use Windows. I personally lost about 30 mining days for not using Windows.

GPU Driver Error come when core voltage is to low if there is a peak.
or when mem voltage is to low for communication to the memory controller.
conclusion for GPU or RAM go down voltage to low or bad PSU

see it as a car motor when the fuel pomp stops the motor stall .

Micron gddr6 not run lower that 1.20v stock 1.35, sock low voltage 1.25v
1.15v is to low
8GB 1.20/1.25 lowest for good communication ram with mem controler
12 GB 1.25/1.30/ lowest for good communication wam with mem controller
16gb not lower of max 1.35v.

GDDR5/GDDR5x is singel channel SGRAM
GDDR6/GDDR6x is dual channel SGRAM
read the info from Micron :

Hey! I’ve changed the settings only on that card that was giving me the error and it’s been going pretty decent the past week since the changes. Do you still advice to turn the voltages up even if they are currently stable like that?

Basic troubleshooting skills are a necessity when it comes to mining.

Run the lowest voltages that are stable.

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if lower voltageis stabble u can ue lower voltage on own risk.
the voltage to low on Ram the Error Correction ECC turns in .

i test most cards on windows if there ram errors or not and set in in a Exel of doc document.
not one card have stock same settings its based on the asic qualiti if there are higher or lower voltage for core or ram.

You’re eating too much power. Your target is 39-42w per card on Hive.
Drop your mem to 940 (to test it out) and core to 940 as well.
Bring voltages to 700/700/1100 and see if it runs for 2-3h. You’ll get 3-5w less per card this way. After that drop SLOWLY one by one VDD/VDDCI to 650/650 and don’t run them lower. You won’t get much difference and it will be unstable.
If you see issues with one card just add 20 to MVDD until it’s stable. If something doesn’t run on 1150 - check the hardware and PSU.

I think that target power consumption is for 6600 with other memories that aren’t Micron. Micron usual power consumption is around 55w

I’ve had like 30 x RX6600 all sorts of brands and models. Gigabyte Egale sucks - 27Mh max no matter what. The rest do just fine between 39w and 45w. You just have to play around with your mem/core and voltages.

Mine are Sapphire Pulse. But if I lower the clocks, it lowers the hashrate. Also the energy isn’t expensive here, so I rather having a higher hashrate than a lower wattage.

Hard for us in California. We pay 27-45c per Kw depending on the usage. First 300kw at 27, another 900 at 35c and the rest is 3rd tier that’s like 45c. Also, you have to consider this. Higher voltage brings more heat and for the summer months, you might want to slow down a bit to make sure your fans will be able to keep up.

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