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Feature request - Junction Temp

Hi, I’d like to make a feature request for HiveOS which I’m enjoying very much.

I’d like the ability to monitor GDDR6X Memory Junction Temperature on NVIDIA RTX 30-series cards. This feature was introduced a while back on the HWInfo64 software in Windows and would benefit HiveOS as well.

Thank you!


Yes that would be really great!
And also to have the same feature for the 3060Ti, 3070 with GDDR6 memory.
I’m enjoying a lot HiveOS but it’s missing a few little features to be perfect!!!

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Yes agree this would be a great feature to implement. Loving the OS btw.


I responded to this in the discord, but I will post this here as well so people are aware (who are not part of the discord).

This is not a feature Hive is opting out of displaying.

This is an issue with Nvidia’s driver limitations, and the fact that the drivers do not expose memory / junction temperatures. It is something being worked on, but right now it’s simply not possible to be displayed due to the fact that the driver doesn’t display the temperature within Linux.

Yes, it works in Windows, because they are two separate operating systems and not at all related.

I have brought this up to the dev that I have contact with (I am a moderator on the discord and one of the more active community members on said support channel) on a couple of different occasions, and both have resulted in the same answer. It’s something that is difficult to get to display accurately, but it is something being worked on.


I hope you will find a solution!

I did some digging and found the relevant thread on the Nvidia developers forum. I think more voices expressing the need for this feature would go a long way. You’ll need to sign up for a forum account if you’re not on there already but worth it IMHO to be heard.


NVIDIA replied on Jun 2:

It is prioritized and is assigned to an engineer. The functionality should come in a future release.

And still nothing changed

Any update to being able to see the memory junction tempertures in Hiveos? Would be extremely helpful info even for 3080/3090/s that have already had pads replaced, just knowing how the ambient temp is effecting the Memory Junction Temps

No news about these feature ?

I hope we have this options soon…

Allow me to reiterate my original post & clarify some more:

HiveOS cannot do anything about displaying junction / memory temps for these cards (RTX 30x0 series) UNLESS Nvidia decides to add it into the Nvidia driver for Linux OS. No Linux based OS has the ability to display memory temps for RTX3000 series cards.

This is not a feature that the HiveOS devs are leaving out, this is due to Nvidia refusing to display the temperatures in the Linux driver.

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Great point, the place to express the desire for this feature is on the Nvidia forum post linked above in this thread. Start an account if you don’t already have one and reply to let them know we care about it.

TLDR: HiveOS can’t do anything unless Nvidia adds this feature to their Linux drivers, go make some noise over there.

NiceHash (in Windows 10) sees the Junction Temperature and makes it available for OC / fan settings.
How are they doing it / can’t HiveOS follow the same path? (honest question).

That’s because the Windows driver has that feature, the Linux one does not. We’re trying to get Nvidia to add that feature in their Linux driver (see Nvidia forum thread above).

Understood! Thanks!

I Just now took my 3080 out of my windows box and into my hiveos rig thinking to fix my vram temp issues, and was disappointed to see no vram temp listed for monitoring :frowning: Is there a way to find out when this will be available in future Linux nvidia drivers? Ie a roadmap or something?

maybe keep pestering nvidia support, or make it goes viral on social media to make nvidia put it in a higher priority pole?

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almost 1 year

:+1: yes!