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Different number of GPUs after every restart

Hi. I have problem with my two rigs. On every boot or reset rig start with different amount of cards. After 4-6 reboots the list is finally complete (10 and 11 gpus). Why is that?. Two different motherboards. One is H110 Pro BTC+ ASRock other BTC B250C. Mixed AMD cards. Does anyone have something similar?

H110 is exciting to troubleshoot, but triple check those 1x adapters to make sure:

  • the pins extending through the mini circuit boards are not touching
  • the tight routing of cables has not wiggled the 1x adapters out slightly

fwiw: I had to skip one of the PCI slots entirely due to tight fit and not having another 1x adapter I could trim/bend the pins without de-soldering.

After the above, power, overclocking, loose connections are frequent culprits, in these large rigs. The rig above is pushing the power supply pretty hard for depicted GPU 5-11. Enough that 11 was dropping out on every third reboot, prior to adding a 3rd supply using all the same cables, etc.

Depending on brand of B250C, some have been just terrible builds. Hoping you have a good one. I did not.

Both boards worked fine when there was 7-8 gpus. Now, when it is almost full there are some issues.

Btw. How do you managed to show total kW from that cards at the bottom?

H110 has known issues at the ±9 GPU mark, BIOS settings default.

(2) very long threads here is (1) direct to a developer bios discussion:

Actual power can be displayed in 2 ways when GPUs under report to the OS:

These entries can be found on the, worker , “Settings” tab

In this case, I have to measure a few power supplies at the wall, and it happens to be 564 in my 10 GPU rig, and 719 in my 12 GPU rig.

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