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Basic guidelines to solve your trouble

The merge has thrown us all back to the basics, and guess we have forgotten many after getting too comfortable with eth.

In the past couple of weeks, I have seen many people getting in trouble with the same issues. I know the feeling of desperation from going from a well-behaved rig to one that does anything but what it should.

  1. Many of the same questions have already been answered, and some have long discussions. One about the 6700 I’ve been following has 950 replies. I learned how to adjust the SOC by first lowering the memory clock.
    Not always, some topics are new or specific to your situation, but searching is YOUR FRIEND. Search the forum first.

  2. Another common question is what OC. The truth is the oc is personal and depends on your cards and setup. However, you might need a starting point. Do you need memory oc or not? Not all algorithms are easily found. Have you tried Beam III, not too many will show you? However, these will show starting values for some of the common algorithms

  1. Another common one is about cards crashing. Usually, the culprit will be a memory clock too high on nvidia cards, or aggressive under-voltage on the amd cards. Things are worse if your card has hynix memory. You might need to half your memory clock and allow for 30–50% more power.
    Another option could be to try a different miner. Not all miners are created equally, and some are more robust or better behaved
    If your cards keep crashing try to find out more. One option is through the dashboard. If there is a message about rebooting, an error, or a crash, click on it. Many of the hive’s dashboard notices will open a popup window with a sample of the miner’s output
    If that didn’t work, open the miner output. Go to the terminal provided by hive (either hive shell or shellinabox) and type miner. It will show you what the miner is doing, and you might catch a problem with the miner. Sometimes it is a bad configuration, and this might point you to the issue.

  2. Another common question is what should I mine. This one is also personal and depends on you and your conditions. What do you want? Cash or coins. Cash is for now. Coins are if you expecting a coin to appreciate in the future. Also depends on your electricity cost.
    Whattomine will show you what is profitable at the electric cost you enter. You can customize the hashrates and power to match your rig. Then you have to see if you are mining at a loss.
    It would be a sad surprise to get your electric bill and find you lost more than what you mined. If this is the case, would you be better off buying those coins?

  3. Another option if you want cash/btc is nicehash. They buy your computing power and get paid for it in btc. lexandros has a nice utility that switches to the most profitable algorithm (mostly in russian, but the important part are translated to english).
    Lolminer now has integrated autoswitcher into one of their versions for some nicehash algorithms and other coins.
    Talking about autoswitching, there is a problem with mining a pool. Many pools penalize you for changing around. They won’t pay your full hashrate until after about a day. So keep that in mind.

good luck, and hope you can mine profitably

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