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Asrock h110 pro btc cant disable CSM

have asrock h110 pro btc motherboard and trying to get working more 9 rx5700xt…
with 9 it works fine but as soon i put on more cards it wont boot… faund solution to disable CSM ant boot only on UEFI… and it works till first rebot from hiveOS… it resets bios again to CSM enabled… and wont boot again…

running from usb stick hiveOS [email protected]

I have the same issue with my Asrock h110 pro btc mobo. after inputting the 10th GPU on the 10th slot it won’t boot up at all not unless I remove it. Right now, even if I disabled the CSM it won’t boot up anymore.

You have to keep IGPU enabled. When it’s enabled then CSM stays disabled even after reboot and you can run 13 GPUs.


Running 13 GPUs successfully


I made these settings and 10GPU doesn’t start with just 9GPU! Who works above 9GPU could write the BIOS setting? Thanks!

Asrock H110 pro BTC+
sapphire rx 5700 nitro+ 10pcs
POWER 1200W×2

OC Tweaker\Voltage Conf:
PCH VoH: 1200 mV
VCCIO: 1200 mV

Advanced\Chipset Conf:
Above 4GB mmio: Enabled
VT-d: Disabled
All PCIE link speeds: Gen2
All ASPM Supports: Disabled
IOAPIC 24-119: Enabled
IGPU: Enabled
HD Audio: Disbaled
Reset Power Loss: power ON

It’s not an easy handle motherboard and it took for a while for me to understand how to run it with 13 GPU. But once you set it everything correctly it runs quite good and stable.

You have to connect both power inlets (molex powwer sockets on motherboard). Otherwise there will be not enough power to run all 13 PCIE slots.

  • First, Reset BIOS by removing BIOS battery (wait at least 30 seconds)
  • Connect just one GPU to the x16 slot (longest one). Power up (push button on motherboard) and enter BIOS. Modify the values in BIOS as written below:

OC Tweaker\Voltage Conf:
PCH VoH: 1200 mV
VCCIO: 1200 mV

Advanced\Chipset Conf:
Above 4GB mmio: Enabled
VT-d: Disabled
All PCIE link speeds: Gen2
All ASPM Supports: Disabled
IOAPIC 24-119: Enabled
IGPU: Enabled
HD Audio: Disbaled
Reset Power Loss: power ON

-Save and exit BIOS

-Run your rig with only one GPU

  • If everything seems OK (1 GPU is mining) now you can pass to stage for remaining 12 GPUs

-Restart it and enter BIOS. In Boot section disable CSM.
-Save and exit. When rebooted, cut the power before boot! (that’s important!!! -> If you let it boot with 9 or less than 9 GPU, CSM will be enabled automatically and you will not be able to run more than 9 GPU)

-Now connect all GPUs to the remaining x1 slots (short ones). Check that all GPU’s risers and power connections are provided and correct.

-Power on again and suddenly All 13 GPUs should be recognized and work without any problem.

One important point!: If number of connected GPUs drop to below 10, CSM will be enabled automatically and it will not boot. In this case you have to clear BIOS again by removing BIOS battery, wait 30 seconds and start everything from beginning.


And another issue you may encounter.
This motherboard does not boot, if more than 9 GPU connected and if not a monitor is connected!
For any reason, if it’s rebooted while running 9+ GPU, and if there is no monitor connection it stucks and never boot again. Even if later you connect a monitor and restart it. You have to clear BIOS and start everything from scratch again.

I’ve tried many things to solve this problem but no avail.
Finally I found a solution: I bought a cheap monitor for a few dollars (with broken screen)and connected it to GPU0 with a HDMi cable. I keep it on stand-by mode. Now it’s reboot without any problem. When rebooted it sees the standby monitor and boots successfully. Since then I never experienced any boot problem.

It’s stange but works only this way.

Or another way to trick motherboard without monitor: get a DVI dummy plug for a few bucks from Amazon and that will send the same signal as if a monitor is plugged in.


You’re my new hero!

What a PITA. I too am having the issue described above when adding the 10th GPU. I have made all the changes to the BIOS referenced above and it doesn’t fix it. I will need to try the steps that you laid out. Why is this so hard? lol

As @ihg70 has mentioned, just buy a cheap ass DVI dummy which you plug in the mobo DVI connection. Off course you still need a temporary real screen to set all bios settings as you can’t do that blind I guess :wink:

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I’ve had the same problem. I was able to detect 12 gpu’s and the motherboard is mostly stable with the provided settings.

My problem is the CSM re enabling when there’s a power outage during some reboots. I tried the “Dummy DVI” idea and is not entirely working.

I have 5 rigs and testing them in the following manner:

2 of them connected with a single DVI to each other (testing if this would act as a DVI Dummy)

1 Has a DVI Dummy

1 Has DVI Adapter with HDMI Cable an dmonitor connected to it.

1 has a DVI cable with no monitor attached.

Last night 2 miners rebooted and didn’t come back up due to CSM renable. 1 of them had the DVI WITH MONITOR PLUGGED IN ! the other did have a DVI cable.

CSM is the only BIOS Setting that changes back. There’s gotta be a way to prevent this.

Any other Ideas ? ASROCK doesn’t have an official statement about this?

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Dantheminer, yes I am too at the same spot. I wish i knew how to prevent CSM re-enabling. hiveos, dummy dvi.

i have several rigs. i have noticed that the rigs with only the 1060’s seem to not have this problem. its my rigs with only 5700’s that have the problem. i wonder if it is something related to the gpu? maybe even nvidia vs amd?

Interesting … I have nothing but 5700’s. I ordered a few more dummy’s but I don’t have much faith on this technique.

I have 2 rigs both with h110, other one I have 8gpus now and 2 more on the way so ill join this thead allready and will be reporting and following. btw, on this other rig i have had loads of trouble to boot up even with 8 cards, takes usually several cold boot to get all 8 running. 1.rig is working stable without any issues with 8gpu. Not looking forvard for starting to config with 10 cards, all AMD… thats my goal for now… :sweat_smile:

I hear you, My personal rig has 8 cards and I’m hesitant of adding more to avoid rebooting issues. We’re even considering swapping motherboards. I don’t always have someone on site to reset the CSM settings.

this second unit h110 have been a pain in the ass… some might say a piece of shit… but the other same board is working fine so ill try to keep my hopes up with it. Maybe ill try next to refash mb bios, its build 1.6 allready but maybe there is a bug or?? … i was up last night to 05am trying to get 8gpus boot up without any luck. got few hours sleep and continue… now i managed to get it running with 7…with loads of error before miner started :sleeping::sleeping: I have started to think is my 1600w psu not enough?? to be continued…

How do you guys actually manage to run multiple risers on this particular motherboard?

The slots are very close to each other and it seems that it’s not possible to use all and have to use it alternating.

I cut small pieces of plastic and glue stick them to the side of the USB.
I used about 10 mil mylar/potyester, anything thin but hard to puncture works. You can also trim or sand the soldered leads on the other side or the riser PBA to help.

I’ve had one of these ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ running with 12 GTX1070’s for over a year.
Had a few of these Bios settings different, but since I re-pasted the heatsinks on 5 of them it will only run 11 cards.
Tried changing all settings to match these except CSM (will not boot with CSM disabled) with no change in symptom: It boots ok and recognizes all 12 cards, but once it starts mining with the 6th GPU, The 6th GPU fan goes to 100% and the rig only runs with 5 GPU’s. I have the same power supplies and Bios. haven’t changed anything except heat paste. Have tried swapping several risers and all work fine with other GPU’s and slots, but only with 11 cards.

It does not matter which GPU I remove or use in #6 slot, and #6 slot works fine when I have 11 cards.
Been a week or two like this and I’m ready to try downgrading to an early April build, or maybe this MB has something weak.

ASRock H110 Pro BTC+
Intel® Pentium® CPU G4400 @ 3.30GHz
4GB Ram
1000W evga supernova p2 and 850W Corsair RM850x

Might not be related, but LA seems to fluctuate a bit from 0.6 to 2.4
Any one have any thoughts?

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thank you for instructions. I have noticed that my monitor wont work if 1 gpu is connected to x16, “Connect just one GPU to the x16 slot (longest one).” , so is it mandatory to have one gpu connected to that x16 slot and if so, do these bios settings change the monitor output from x16 so that there will be hive running on the screen from onboard graphics ? …or is the rig managed only remotely after there is +9 gpu´s connected? I do understand that it was stated that rig will only boot with monitor connected, but will there be output when x16 have gpu connected? …sorry, im a bit confused about this so just want to understand what i need to aquire to run 10gpu´s on this board. thanks