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Amd radeon rx6600 saphire

Newbie here…

Got a GPU today, RX6600 SAPPHIRE, no “XT” or anything else.

According to AMD was released 7 days ago, but the photo of the RX6600 they mention (1 fan) has nothing to do with the one I have here (2 fans). Everybody seems happily mining with RX6600XT !!

Tried everything to get it mining, multiple miners, Ethminer, Gminer, Phoenix, and some more.
No success. Ethminer spits error loading driver (cuda_111, gsx_1032) and the file it tries to load seems missing on disk; Phoenix exits with error code 139, whatever it means.

Any hint, advise?

Got 12 of those running ok.

see The new RX6600 (tested)