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All rigs goes offline at the same time(almost everynight at 11:30 pm )

Hey guys I’ve read all the topics here about this issue , so far I’ve tried to change my server url with another but guess this is not the problem. Having to test the internet with net-test I am getting the following output:

Rebooting the rigs works as they appear again and start to mine. I can also log in through a local computer through SSH . Miner is not working though as it is killed , basically all the screens are killed and I can use option screen -wipe , but if I try to run the miner again nothing happens .

I’ve read that this might be router problem but I dont see what to fix in it :slight_smile:

  1. I got static IP assigned by my ISP.
  2. I dont have any port forwarding at the moment , because I use local PC with win 10 to log in into miners SSH
  3. All my other rigs with windows 10 that share same network are working perfectly fine with this.

Here are some pics of my router settings / stuff:

Please help as this is getting really frustrating as I have to reboot my rigs every night …

try use free vpn, looks like isp problem